Nunnullus Nunc

"Some Now...."

People or Piper

Pied Piper of Then or of Now

Once upon a time, in a land faraway, but not very different than ours, there was a place called Hamelin. This was centuries ago and the town no longer exists. At that long ago time, Hamelin was infested with rats. In all the years since then, many people have said that as distressing as the population of diseased rats, were the ghosts that accompanied the rats.

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Campaign Details


So far, this is the situation between Donald Trump and the candidate for president of the United States, Joe Biden.

Donald Trump:
Herd Mentality(immunity) against citizens: Let as many die as seems necessary until no more die from Corona virus.

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Herd Mendacity...

Just wondering...
If one man can take charge of government senators, and federal and Supreme Court judges, and the location and number of ballot boxes; If one man can decide who can and cannot vote, and the health and wealth services of all citizens, what do we need citizens for? Sheep? Losers? "Suckkas?!

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Herd "Mentality"

Did you ever see how sheep are herded.
Doesn't take much. A dog can do it.
The dog doesn't even have to be very big either.
If the dog has a big bark, and if the dog is kinda fast,
The dog can just run around barking and the sheep will go wherever the dog wants them to go.
Now the sheep look bigger than the dog.
There are more sheep than one dog can fight or eat.
But the sheep don't know these truths, so they move, sometimes they even run wherever the dog wants them to go.
You know where the sheep go?
They go where they can have all their wool taken right off their backs. It's not very smart of the sheep.
Even the dog doesn't have to know more than he has trained and practiced to do.
After all, even if he knew how, he could only use a small part of the sheep.
But it works for the dog. He eats well. It's good for the Shepherd. He makes money.

It's not very good for the sheep. They get shorn. Then they get eaten.
It's called "herd mentality".

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It seems to me that the way to handle our current situation might be to treat C-virus in much the same way we treated the HIV virus. (That is, everybody does it (in this case, breathe). Some get sick; some don't.) 

  1. Ask all those who have reason to think that they have been affected (infected) to seek testing to determine which is the case. (Self-selection rather than blanket assignment). 
    1. Question all seeking tests and ask why and list all situations of individual contact or group gatherings w others.
    2. Organize the list by likelihood/severity of applicant infection. 
    3. Test those most likely. 
      1. If positive, treat, starting with isolation.
      2. If negative, thank and congratulate. 
      3. Release that group of applicants for testing later w promise to keep their contact info and to retest if they DO experience symptoms and/or if availability of tests improves. 
  2. Restart.
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